An M&A strategy that clearly focuses on your requirements

will accelerate business growth.

CROSS BORDERS provides services that support
international M&A matching.


CROSS BORDERS is the biggest platform for M&A projects specializing in those with JAPAN.
It offers variety of international projects for sales to Japanese entities
to boost their presence abroad. We offer our clients access to projects presented to us 200 of our M&A partners globally.


Our generous list of cross border M&A projects for sale that are

beneficial for overseas business expansion is updated weekly.

Our large supply of projects are selected carefully by our registered

partners in over 130 countries. This careful selection is what

distinguishes us from our competition.
While projects are based mostly in Southeast Asia and Oceania, our

registered partners are located worldwide.

We provide teasers in Japanese

to allow you to make accurate

investment decisions.

Our teasers will give you comprehensive knowledge on the project in

Japanese. Additional in-depth information will be available via sell-side advisors upon request.

Look at sample(Tier1)

Look at sample(Tier2)

We offer you professionally screened superior projects.

The companies we have for sale have a strong independent growth

track record. We provide opportunities to consolidate enterprises which have sales of JPY 500 million to 10 billion.

We deliver project information to suits your individual requirements.

We discuss your requirements when you register, and projects will then be screened via our registered international partners.
Our members are executives who are strong in M&A, including

officers, and representatives in the industry.

Secure information disclosure is guaranteed for sell-side companies as information is without entity’s NAME.

At the next phase, the target company will be revealed via our

registered sell-side advisors upon completion of a non-disclosure

agreement (NDA). A fee will be charged only after the NDA is

concluded, and will be in accordance with the regulations of each

company as the process goes forward.

What’s good for sell-side advisors?

CROSS BORDERS is a platform specializing in an overseas (sell-side) and Japan (buy-side) M&A transactions that meet our stringent clients’ requirements for capital alliances with strategic partners. For you, the sell-side advisor, your benefit are:

Ample opportunities to introduce projects to major Japanese entities including listed companies in Japan.

Present to your clients a strong growth option thanks to strategic capital alliances with Japanese companies.

All teasers and IM (Information Memorandums) will be carefully prepared in Japanese by the buy-side advisor.

Our overseas partners only introduce sell-side projects.

The buyer, your client, gets full support from our financial advisors who are well-experienced in cross border M&A deals from start to completion.

We already have over 130 global financial advisors who are registered, so why not join us!


  1. Contact us
  2. Meeting with CROSS BORDES
  3. Introduction of projects for sales
  4. Consultation with Buy-Side financial advisor
  5. Teaser (Japanese) will be uploaded by buy-side fiancial advisor
  6. Inquiry from Japanese entities
  7. Negotiation begins


We welcome projects from sell-side advisors.
Please feel free to contact us!

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